“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are”

Carl Jung


Shannon Tully headshot, blond haired early 40s woman, red glasses, purple sweater, looking into camera and smiling

My practice

I believe that a life of balance and wholeness is dependent on our ability to heal the emotional pain of our past, fully connect and embody our emotions in the present, and live in congruence with our deepest desires, values, and beliefs. This facilitates a deeper connection with ourself and the people in our lives. Find out more about my practice.

What you can expect

– Processing and moving beyond old wounds.
– Navigating relationships and removing barriers to love.
– Learning strategies to cope with challenging situations and increasing flexibility in how you respond.
– Letting go of negative self-talk, old stories, and unhelpful beliefs.
– Increasing emotional awareness and tolerating challenging feelings.
– Connecting to your values and living a life that reflects your true self.
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